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I’m the author of the blog Lili Halo Decoration where I share bits of my life and the place I live with my boys. You can peek into beautiful homes and find some great styling tips. I’ll take you to beautiful places and show you special stories from my home.

I’m all into quality living, motherhood, relationships, a healthy lifestyle, and social engagement. And I’m very emotional.

Lili is creative, image maker, stylist and visual storyteller.

You can peek into beautiful homes and find some great styling tips.

my. home

And this is Something Beautiful, this is My Home

- Since 2005 -

I do that what engages my emotional and mental energy and evokes emotions. My husband, my boys, my home, my dream of a cottage house do this magic all the time.

With a digital “paintbrush” I invest all of myself to create aesthetically appealing visuals.

By being aware and feeling the vibe, I tend to make things more alive and experiences more memorable. That’s what I do.

I'm Lili

Nice to meet you, beautiful soul!


My Recent Stories

I create content for my own platforms as well for my clients.

Something beautiful

The set of skills that I have acquired in doing so is pretty huge: photography, styling, creative direction, graphic design, but also coding and taking care of all the technical details. Let alone the fact that I am often a model in those very same photos. But if you ask me, I will always put my role as a Mother first.

I also design digital magazines, brochures, art prints, wall decals and posters for interior styling.

My passion is to make every interior a beautiful place to live. I enjoy redecorating interior to create a lovely place to live.

Magazine portfolio in making.

but please, peek into this one!

My Philosophy

That dream was planted in your

heart for a reason

dream plan do

“Such a lovely idea from Lili to share her photos for phone wallpapers. This one is just pure perfection.”

Stunning free wallpaper to make you smile every time you pick up your phone. Who doesn't need a little motivation in their day? How about every time you unlock your phone. I'm such a giver. Please take them. Save them to your phone (super easy to do if you're on your phone, just double tap or hold down for a second, or some combination of that until you see a 'Save Image' option).

- Lili

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My comprehensive services includes concept development and aesthetic direction of photo shoots resulting in quality images ready for use in print or digital presentation.